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R&D // 01


World of consumer products is wide with more and more types of products coming every day. Existing products are also evolving both inside (formulation, materials, etc.) and outside (types of packing materials, colors, etc.). We provide research and development services to make sure that nothing is missed and our clients' products are up-to-date.

We have knowledge and expertise to fine-tune any product the way it should be. Our engineers are coming with vast background in relevant fields so that literally any requirement of our customers is possible to meet.

ODM // 03


We provide ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) services as a part of outsourcing. With the latest technologies available at our facilities we are able to manufacture wide range of products.

Our team of professionals can guide you thru the process of developing new products:

- R&D,

- design of artwork,

- production and

- after-sale support.

Our story of successful cooperation includes the most reputable brand names on UAE market. As we bring latest know-how in detergent industry to our customers.


DESIGN // 02


We do understand that appearance of the product is as important as the quality itself. Therefore our team of designers is ready to create any type of artwork from scratch or adjust the existing one.

When it comes to the way any product looks there is no room for compromise: it must be eye catchy, modern and attractive. It must go along with the general branding policy of a customer. And it must utilize the best available types of packing materials on the market.

Here is where our team comes in with all these years of experience. We are more than happy to merge your views with our expertise.    

UAE regulations // 04


UAE authorities always develop their rules regulating FMCG market to make sure that consumers' rights are protected and quality of products available on the market are up to latest standards.

Therefore we work closely with regulating authorities like ESMA, third-party laboratories and local municipalities to make sure that all our products comply with latest rules and regulations applied.

This is a part of service package that our team provides to customers to make sure that they branded products stay competitive and lead the market. This is a challenge that we proudly accept.

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